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Are you looking for affordable SEO services for your new or existing online business? Digital Jumpsuit offers an excellent service that provides you with all your online marketing needs from just £199. We have developed tried and tested methods to help your website rank better and increase the traffic to your website. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in developing your company’s online presence enter your contact information below.

Increase Your Rankings

Through tried and tested methods, Digital Jumpsuit can get your website to rank of the first page for relevant keywords for your business. This increases the number of searchers who will find your business and are interested in your services.

Better Content

Our content writers have experience writing across the world's most prominent businesses. Writing web page and blog content for everything from international clothing brands to local trades. Our content is optimised for SEO and is targetted to your dream customers.

Affordable SEO Companies

Every business is looking for affordable SEO to give them an online presence that is effective at the moment and particularly when it comes to Google rankings. The Internet is now so deeply integrated into our lives that it is the first place we go when we’re looking for a product or service, whether it is a new bed, a solicitor or a trip abroad, with a simple generic search term in Google.

People rarely check beyond the first page when browsing Google’s search results, the brave few may venture onto page 2 and 3 but it is unlikely. Therefore, you want to be one of those businesses that sits on the first page for a search term that is relevant to your business and attracts the kind of customers you are looking for.

Now, this is no easy task as there is an infinite number of websites online selling the same products or services as your company. This is made worse by Google regularly changing parameters so they show only the most relevant content to the search term being provided by the user. There is one obvious way that you can stay ahead of the field and put your business in front of more faces, outsourcing your SEO.

SEO That Works for Your Business

So, what is search engine optimisation and what does an SEO strategy that works for your business look like? You obviously want an agency that can improve your Google rankings, provide amazing content for your website and for them to provide affordable SEO.

Digital Jumpsuit provides you with the flexibility to have access to over a decade of experience without ever paying more than you can afford. We’re certainly not one of the cheapest companies out there but if you want long-lasting SEO results then you want a company that provides a high-quality service. We strike a balance between quality of service and effective costs that perfectly fit your business.

We treat each of our valued clients as individuals and perform an in-depth analysis of your business and the industry it operates in to put together the best possible SEO for your business and budget. This means that we will find the best keywords to rank to drive more business to you and then create the content that will ensure page 1 rankings for you.

Each month, you will receive an update on the work we have done and the progress that has been made with your business. This will help you feel confident that the work we are doing is helping your business and we are making a difference for your company. It also allows us to see what isn’t working and how we can adjust our strategy for your business to get the best results we can.


What Is SEO?

SEO is the art of ensuring that your website ranks highly for the products and/or keywords that you offer. So if you are an electrician in Bradford, you want to rank highly for people searching for electrician and Bradford related words. If you rank number one in Google for a range of words like this and there are over 500 searches per month from people searching for these keywords then you will get more phone phone calls and more business.

Do I Need SEO?

If you want more business yes. However we do not recommend that people only focus on SEO, you need a wider marketing strategy, such as social media and paid advertising, as well as traditional marketing so that you can raise awareness of your business through a wide variety of means. We can help with all of this – all it takes is to fill in the contact page at the bottom of this page or call us on 01422 646868.

Why Does My Site Need SEO?

If you want to increase website visitors, generate leads and sales for your business, and ultimately grow then you need SEO. Everyone searches the internet for products and/or services that they wish to purchase, if you are not ranking for your products/services, then you are missing out of numerous leads and sales for your company.

What Can SEO Do For My Business?

SEO can put your website directly in front of people who want your products and/or services. It’s an essential part of the buying process and allows you to bring in leads and sales 24/7, 365 days of the year.

How Do You Perform SEO?

All of our SEO work starts by focusing on the main fundamentals, we look at your website and ensure that it is technically sound and is setup properly. Once we have these fundamentals in place we look at content, the user journey on your website (is it easy for visitors to find what they require, is it easy to navigate and does it fully answer visitors questions and concerns. As well as other important factors). Once we have all of the on-page factors perfected, we then look to increase your websites rankings by building high quality trust in your website with links from other websites.

We are fully transparent in all that we do and offer affordable solutions for numerous companies looking to bring in an additional revenue stream.

Case Studies

Natural Cures


Natural Cures has a large amount of content, but it wasn’t very optimised for being found in search results. This is mainly due to much of it being behind a freemium subscription wall, which the client was intent on keeping in place. There was also a vast number of pages that were broken or missing metadata.


To create signals to Google about the content on Natural Cures, without removing the pay wall, we had to write and curate a lot of content that linked to the paid content with specific keywords. In addition to redirecting broken pages and fixing metadata.

These internal links created organic signals for Google so it could easily find and index the paid content as appropriate when it crawled the website.

DT Groundworks


DT Groundworks asked us to help increase their search visibility and traffic to their website. They also wanted to see a higher conversion rates from the visitors that went to their website and Google My Business profile.


To achieve this, we created local landing pages for the areas the client wanted to target, which for a massive growth immediately. We also improved the trust signals on their website and updated all metadata to comply with Google. We saw their average ranking go from averaging 72 to averaging 5!

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SEO packages from £199 per month!

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