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Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

We can help ensure that more people hear about your business and help you grow. Our Local SEO Marketing services have helped hundred's of companies grow awareness and sales. Let us do the same for you!

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Having a website is just half the battle, you need to make sure people can find it! That's where our local SEO Marketing Services come in. Contact us today for more information.

Making your Local Business Visible

Local SEO Marketing

Why do you need Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Marketing is ideal if you have a shop or serve a certain area with a business or product, great examples of this would be:

  • Plumbers in Halifax
  • Halifax Restaurants
  • Local Gardeners in Halifax

If you own a business that’s offers services or products in a certain area, or you want to enter a new location, local SEO marketing should be your first port of call.

How Does Local SEO Marketing Work?

To ensure that potential customers become aware of your business and contact you we have to do something called website optimisation, this really just means we need to ensure that your website tells search engines such as Google what you do, whereabouts you do it and ensure that you have as much useful information on your website about what you do so that when people visit your website they find the information really useful. That’s the simple way of describing what Local SEO Marketing is.

What are your Local SEO Marketing Processes?

We work with clients all over the world with Local SEO Marketing, and for every single one we start by doing an in-depth audit of their website, links to it and competition. Once we have this we know where your website is lacking in terms of your competitors and what we need to do to get your website ranking number one for your services and products.

Once we have our plan we ensure that your website is error free, has great content added it on it on a monthly basis, we build links and mentions of your website and company on other sites and that we keep improving every aspect of your website month on month.

How Do I know If It’s Working?

More calls and/or visits to your address! Apart from that we send out monthly reports with what we have completed and we use tracking software to see what your website is ranking for on search engines, these results will get better as we do more marketing for your website.

How Much Does Local SEO Marketing Cost?

Alot less than you think! We have a range of packages to suit most budgets. Simply get in contact to discuss your needs and we will offer impartial advice on the best ways to increase your visitors, leads and sales for your business.

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