At Digital Jumpsuit we like to call our clients “partners" because we’re working alongside them to bring them more business with better visibility and more traffic to their website. Below is a short description of what each of our partners does to showcase the brilliant companies we work with on a daily basis.
Aerial Waves

Aerial Waves in a Leeds-based digital TV aerial installation specialist working around West Yorkshire. They have provided aerial installation services for countless people in their local community. Additionally, they have worked alongside major players like the BBC and other respected companies in England installing tv aerials.

DRC Web Design

DRC Web Design is an Ottawa-based web design agency servicing clients in the Canadian capital and cities beyond. A young start-up headed by Domenica Agostini, it has already made a remarkable impression on the web design scene in Ottawa and is keen to expand its business throughout Canada. DRC very promising.

DT Groundworks

DT Groundworks is an excavation and septic tank specialist based in Halifax and serving the entirety of West Yorkshire. They are well-known in the area and have worked on some of the biggest housing projects in the area – including excavation on a unique £2million eco-home that pushes the boundaries of modern living.

Pac Asbestos Surveys

Pac Asbestos Surveys has locations in Leeds and Manchester. They supply asbestos surveys, reports, tests and maintenance to companies, schools, churches and more in the Leeds and Manchester Areas. Pac Asbestos Surveys is renowned in their communities for providing a high-quality service at an affordable price.

Club Laurus

Club Laurus is a discount luxury products club aimed at providing the high life at a fraction of the retail cost. They always have deals on Rolex, Chanel, Tag Heuer and many more brands you will be familiar with. Club Laurus will help you live the life you aspire to lead without the major costings that come associated with that life.

Natural Cures

Natural Cures in an American alternative health website that aims to provide natural cures for common illnesses. They have a strong website with a lot of content that shares world-leading information on natural cures. The company is among the most trusted sources online for alternatives to prescription and off-shelf medicine.

Digital Renovators

Digital Renovators is our sister company, they are a web design agency in Halifax. This year, they passed their 100 website build milestone having worked with everyone from local companies to global companies in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. A true testament to all of the quality of their work.

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