Cut Price Barry’s

Cut Price Barry's

Cut Price Barry's is the largest and cheapest discount warehouse in Halifax that sells to the trade and public. Not only do they sell out a massive warehouse but you can order online and have them deliver to your door. Their growth is thanks to the entrepreneurship of owner Anwar and an incredible drive on Facebook and PPC ads placed on Google.

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Cut Price Barry's was a start-up in an area that already has well-established communities, so bringing in new people to the business was difficult. We had to get the word out while maintaining the community spirit of the local area.


We guided Anwar through how to grow his Facebook community while we optimised his website and ran his PPC campaign alongside. This created a fusion of free and paid advertisement that paid off massively and allowed Anwar to move to premises 20x bigger than his original one.

The Result of Our Work

The combined efforts of ourselves and Anwar have led to a massive 850,000 page views over the last nine months and he is well on his way to a million!

  • Over £8,000 spent on site from PPC campaign traffic.
  • An Incredible 35,000+ Facebook fans.
  • Unprecedented growth of over 2,000% over the last 12 months.
7.58% Conversion Rate
850,000+ Page Views
500% ROI
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